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On Page SEO Tips In General - In the world of SEO the heck Generally there are only two general steps that should be taken to perform search engine optimization, optimizing the pages in a website or on page SEO and the other outside optimizing web page itself known as SEO off page. and in this article will discuss a little about the on page SEO tips that common. Is on page SEO means optimizing pages within a website.

Some things you should do in this activity on page optimization is to put your keywords in the shooting Siwak Siwak-general who has been determined. Let alone putting keywords in the title, in H1-H6, thicken and tilt letters in content and in putting forth these keywords, you should combine with other words to make users know more specifically what you're told.

Such as in the headline itself, which provides information on SEO tips, by adding on the page, meaning visitors already know that the web or looking post that will give you information on page seo tips and not the other.

This way your visitors will bring more targeted because knowing more specifically, especially with the combination of letters that you connect with keywords.

You as the author should also provide information relevant to the headline content. This is to avoid the disappointment of visitors who could have cured their tails again visit your web content is not appropriate due to the headlines.
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