I (the blog owner) Tutorials SEO ™ as well as other colleagues (the blog contributors) happily run this personal blog known as Tutorial SEO ™), and we are happy you can share it here either as a visitor or user. What we provide is an article for what it is, just the steam that can be shared without depleted by up to anyone and at any time.
You can also share with us, but please be responsible in what you share on our pages together. In particular, do not let the things that are prohibited under appear on our pages, or linked to our page.
(We make this service requirement in the Creative Commons ShareAlike license, which means you should "copy" it for purposes such as on your blog - but we would be happy if you showed back through a link to this page if you use it.

Terms of Service
The following terms and conditions of service are binding to all visitors and users blog Tutorials SEO ™. We as a blog provider is responsible for managing the publication of articles, content changes, setting visits and discussions. By using this blog you agree to the following terms and conditions:

- You are not allowed to engage in piracy / plagiarism content from this site out or from the outside into the site in the realm of any rule or code, except the requirement to include a link to its source.
- You will not publish material that is in intellectual property rights without the permission in this blog;
- You will not spam either randomly or intentionally in various forms on this blog;
-You are not going to provide links and / or link aimed at improving / divert commercial traffic to a particular site, or intentionally fraudulent conduct in the covert link (phishing, proofing, and so forth);
- You will not penetrate / hack into the database system, including implanting malicious software (worms, viruses, trojans) which corrupt the content and / or harm to other users;
-You will not publish or provide links / link that is pornographic, obscene, vulgar, either in the form of text, images or video;
-You will use the system are polite and ethical discussion, and not an attack, insult, and other improprieties against other users;
-You will not enter the URI / URL blogs or other sites that provide unwanted electronic messages, or similar promotional methods are not healthy;
-You will not use the name or any leksikalitas etiquette can be confusing or an interpretation that refers to the other parties are not you basically.

Case of breach of these terms and conditions, then we (the blog owner) the right to perform various actions such as removal of content assessed need / contribution / discussion that is not appropriate, to account deletion contributors / subskriber, and refusal to participate again.

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