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How to Submit Blog Sitemap in Webmaster Powerful - requirement to submit sitemap blog or website to search engines is an important thing and must be done by the blogger so that search engines or search engines can easily clicking-crawel site or our blogspot. and finally later articles or posts we will be quickly indexed by the Search Engine.dan sitemap will also provide links whenever new articles appear on Our Blog. In a sitemap in Google's system users can submit blog sitemap with XML-based.

Here's How To Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Powerful :
First of all we have to login to Google Webmaster Tools and then Select will be on Submit Blog Sitemap.

Next select Crawls and select Site Map please click Add Url Site Map ago Put sitemap below one by one in the "Add / Test Site Map".
1. Atom.xml?
2. Atom.xml? Redirect = false
3. Feeds / posts / default? Orderby = updated
4. Atom.xml? Redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500
Furthermore Select "Sending Site Map", can be seen by the picture below :

Mengirim Peta Situs

Submit the result was going to look like the image below:
Hasil dari mengirim peta situs/submit sitemap
Thus Articles on How To Submit Blog Sitemap in Webmaster Powerful Hopefully Helpful. Read also the article yesterday SEO Tips On Page In General


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